Training & Facilitation

Rather than the usual approach of ‘death by PowerPoint’, we use graphic facilitation (as pictured below) to fully engage with parties &/or workshop participants.  

Our experience is that participants, even the most cynical, soon engage with the method and contribute actively.  Using whiteboards, paper & iPad technology, graphic facilitation allows the facilitator & participants to understand – on a visual level – the issues, complexities, gaps & solutions in a way that makes sense to everyone.

With experience across Australia & internationally, Simone is a sought after facilitator, particularly in situations of conflict & change. Organisations across the public, private and NFP sectors, call on Simone to work with their teams, executive & boards to make sense of complex issues, intractable problems & to build strategies that work.

For further information…

For further information about facilitation, please either use our referral form or contact Simone on +61 (0)417 100 725.

Additionally, if you have a particular date in mind, you can access our calendar here to ascertain Simone’s availability for your workshop or event.